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MASTER of AESTHETICS and ART HISTORY, concentration area: Theory and Art Criticism, graduated at University of São Paulo

USP (Brazil). Research: New World of Space: Le Corbusier and the role of photography in the mediation between the audience and

ARCHITECT undergraduated from the same university with exchange in the Università Degli Studi di Genova (Italy),

already has developed projects in many fields of architecture, urbanism planning and design.

Since 1998 has dedicated his work to PHOTOGRAPHY.

Received the following AWARDS: O olhar criativo do fotógrafo in the contest sponsored by PUC-PR in 2004 (Brazil); Documentary

Prize in the category festivities on Fifth Humanity Photo Awards (HPA) sponsored by The China Folklore Photography Association,

2006 (China); Prêmio Estímulo de Fotografia, award of the Culture Department of São Paulo in 2008 (Brazil); O céu da Bahia

sponsored by the Museu Parque do Saber Dival da Silva Pitombo and the Clube de Fotografia Gerson Bullos em 2009 (Brazil).

He has photographs published in various blogs and websites, textbooks, newspapers and print magazines such as Folha de São

Paulo, O Estado de Sao Paulo, Bravo, Veja, Mais Valia
and Transição Socialista and architecture magazines, as AU, Arquitetura

& Construção
and Projeto, in Brazil, and 1:100 - an issue devoted to Paulo Mendes da Rocha, in Argentina.

On this site you can view some photos divided by themes
- aerial views, architecture, theater, special places, nature and still. Other

photos can be found on the brazilian image bank SambaPhoto and on flickr and also can be requested through the contact

or email.

fernando@fernando.arq.br | this work is lincesed under an

Licença Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.